About Pleasant Valley Shell

Parma, Ohio's Best In Auto Repair

In our view, auto care should be about more than just periodic tune-ups, occasional repairs, and general maintenance. At its best, it should include preserving the value of your vehicle for the long haul. Of course, that kind of benefit is only possible when there’s trust. Here in the Parma area, there are plenty of auto shops. Genuine care is less common.

With 28 years of experience, Pleasant Valley Shell Auto Repair prides itself on delivering skill, knowledge, experience, and customer service. Taken in combination, that’s what we like to think of as genuine car care, a tradition that, in our experience, results in a shared sense of trust. Pleasant Valley is an auto shop whose team has come to know much of the Parma community over the years. Check engine light or brake inspection, we understand our customers are depending on our efficient services to keep their cars, trucks, and SUVs on the road. We respond by putting our automotive expertise to work right away. Once we’ve identified the issue, we will walk you through the options, including the best—and less expensive—solutions.

At Pleasant Valley Shell Auto Repair, our 5-Star rating online is a point of pride for the whole team and we look forward to maintaining that long, proud tradition of genuine car care for many years to come.